1.      The Extra $70,000 I was After

 Just a quick thank you for the job you did in getting me out of my old LOC, and into something much more competitive without loss of features or flexibility. It turns out that the old one really was whacking me on interest rate. In fact I was wondering why I was ever put into that deal in the first place! It occurred to me that rather than just being sold a product by you, because you a regular property investor meant you sourced me a deal that you would want for yourself: the best.


Also well done on the way you worked with the financier, including shepparding through my precious valuation. The result was I extended my credit limit by the $70,000 I was after. This extra 'cash' really helps open up my options.

 Looking forward to chatting more on some of those other finance / investment products you are developing.

Thanks again,  John Jago



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